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Tick Danger

We fully supports Chris Packham of Springwatch fame with his awareness campaign about the dangers of Ticks on pets and humans. Lymes Disease is of particular relevance in this area.
Our SQP, Michael Horton, is fully qualified to talk to customers regarding the control and prevention of Ticks on your pets and yourselves. Michael can prescribe and sell the correct Frontline treatment for your pet. We also stock tick pickers, etc to help you with the problem.















Pets go away at Summer too!
We have in stock a full range of travel equipment and accessories

Cages both collapsable and rigid
Non Spill bowls and bottle drinkers
Ramps for elderly and large dogs
Harnesses that clip into seat belt restraints
Calmers and travel sickness tablets



Our own PRESTIGE range of Super Premium Dog and Cat Food

Adult Dog 12 kg from £26.50
Working Dog VAT Free £12.95

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