Flower & vegetable seeds, garden chemicals & other sundries, wood treatments, tools & wellies.Animal deterrents and rodent control are also stocked together with propagators, watering cans, greenhouse heaters & garden ornaments.

Our well trained and knowledgeable staff will always be at hand to guide and assist you.


Compost Multipurpose, organic peat free, ericaceous.
John Innes seed nos. 1-3.
House plant, orchid, cactus, aquatic.
Seeds Suffolk Herbs (full organic vegetable range), Kings, Country Value.
High quality grass seed, seed potatoes, onion sets.
Garden Chemicals Miracle Grow, Phostrogen, Tomorite, Vitax, Evergreen, SBK, Nippon.
Fertilizers, Weed killers, Fungicides, Lawn preparations, Insecticides.
Large Garden Sundries Wheelbarrows, Water buts, Incinerators, Dust bins.
Small Garden Sundries Watering cans, Hoselock watering equipment, Propagators, Greenhouse heaters, Shoe brushes, Hanging basket products, Beetle jacks. Vast range of garden ties, labels, twine etc.
Tools Wolf, CK, Spear and Jackson, Felco.
A good selection of forks, spades, hand gardening tools, secateurs, brooms, rakes, shears, etc.
Crop Tunnels Polythene and netting. Ideal for spring and autumn growing. Excellent crop protection from birds, butterflies etc.
House Plant Baby bio, Miracle Grow. Composts, feeds, insecticides, leaf shine.
Pests Ant and crawling insect, wasp, fly, spider.
Whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, cabbage root fly, caterpillar, daddy longlegs, lilly beetle etc.
Rodent control Rentokil, Neosorexa, STV, Proctor.
An extensive range of poisons, traps, live capture traps and electronic deterrents for all vermin.
Animal deterrents Physical and chemical deterrents for cats, squirrels, rats, rabbits, pigeons, deer and fox.
Electric fencing to control rabbits and foxes.
Salt Tablet, granular and rock salt available in 25 kg bags.


We make local deliveries for which there is a small charge if the order is below £50.00