Stalleys Barn stocks an extensive range of Horse feed, treats, accessories, health products, rugs & travel boots. We are major stockists of Snowflake, Bedmax & Bed Down shavings & Aubiose hemp bedding. We stock good quality hay and straw.
Our well trained and knowledgeable staff will always be at hand to guide and assist you.

Equilibrium fly masks and muzzles.


Feed, main stockists of Saracen, Dodson & Horrell, Allen & Page, Spillers, Baileys, Pure.
Feed balancers Top Spec, Baileys, Saracen, Pure.
High fibre feeds, chaffs and haylage Horsehage, Mollichaff (original, herbal & extra), Molliapple, Molligrass, Alfalfa Oil, Dr. Green Alfalfa, Dengie (Hi Fi, Hi Fi Lite, Hi Fi Senior, Alpha A Alpha Lite etc.), Spillers Happy Hoof, Dodson and Horrell AlfalfaChaff, Hay.
Feeds supplements Top Spec, NAF, Dodson and Horrell, Saracen field buckets, Salt licks etc.
Equine America Liquid Cortaflex, Cortaflex Powder, HA.
Furminator grooming tool The best product for grooming we have found. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
Rugs Weatherbeeta, Slumberdown, Thermostar, Horsewear Ireland.
Riding hats Champion, Casco, Onyx.
Body protection Toggi, Champion.
Wormers Ask our fully trained SQP wormer advisors, Michael & Jane Horton, for the product best suited to your horse's worming requirements. They will work out a fully comprehensive worming programme complete with dosage amounts and product usage.
Bedding Bed Down, Snowflake shavings, Aubiose Hemp bedding, Bedmax shavings, Straw, Bedsoft, Verdo Pellets.
Accessories Grooming Kits, Head Collars, Horse under ware, Travel Boots / rugs / bandages, Electric fencing, Stable yard tools, Hay nets, Tack cleaning bits, Shampoos, Show prep, Fly control / rugs / masks, Mud fever control, Hoof care, electric fencing.



We make local deliveries for which there is a small charge if the order is below £50.00