Stalleys Barn stocks an extensive range of cat food, treats, toys, leads and collars, health products, scratchers, pet carriers, cat loos, litter, litter trays and beds. Our well trained and knowledgeable staff will always be at hand to guide and assist you.


Prestige Cat Food. Our own Super Premium Range of complete Kitten and Cat food

Kitten in 2.0 kg packs
Cat in 2.0 Kg 7.5 Kg packs
Varieties : Chicken. Salmon.

Dry Complete Food,
full ranges of
James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin, Hills Science Plan, Iams, GoCat, Omega.
Tinned Food Denes, Felix, Whiskas.
Foils and Pouches Royal Canin, Felix, Whiskas, Sheba, Applaws, Gourmet Perles.
Cat Beds Lucky Pet, Cage cushions.
Specialist Cat Accessories Travel cages, Feliwell diffusers, Mason cash water and food bowls, Staywell cat flaps, Cat Mate cat flaps, Rosewood and Ancol cat scratchers.
Furminator grooming tool The best product for grooming we have found. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
Cat Identity Disc engraving service Choose a round, shaped or coloured disc to make sure your cat can always be returned to you if he gets lost.
Toys We have one of the best selection of toys for all ages and breeds of cat.
Wormers Ask our fully trained SQP wormer advisors, Michael & Jane Horton, for the product best suited to your pet's worming requirements. They will work out a fully comprehensive worming programme complete with dosage amounts and product usage.
Flea & Tick Frontline 3 & 6 month treatments now in stock, Bob Martin Flea & Tick Spot On, Selection of flea collars including herbal flea collars, flea spray & powder, Household flea spray & powder.
Equine America Canine Cortaflex.