Stalleys Barn stocks an extensive range of poultry feed, and equipment. Our well trained and knowledgeable staff will always be at hand to guide and assist you.

We now stock Vermex poultry wormer.


Chicken ATTLEE - Layers mash, Layers pellets, Cut maize, Whole maize, Mixed corn, Whole wheat, Chick crumb, Growers pellets.
ALLEN AND PAGE - Organic poultry food.
Chick grit, Hen grit, Flint grit, Mixed grit, Oyster shell, Galvanised and plastic feeders and drinkers, Infra red lamps, Louse powder, Red spider mite control.
Electric net fencing.
Poultry Gold, Mealworm treats, treat toys.
Turkey Dodson and Horrell Turkey growers pellets.
Duck and Geese Dodson and Horrell Duck pellets and Duckling crumbs.
Quail Pulfords Quail Mix.
Ostrich and Rhea Dodson and Horrell Ostrich pellets.


We make local deliveries for which there is a small charge if the order is below £50.00