Stalleys Barn stocks an extensive range of wild bird feeds and feeders, bird tables and nest boxes, hedgehog food and houses, and homes for owls, bats, bumble bees, toads and butterflies.


Wild birds The recipes of Stalleys' wild bird mixes are RSPB approved.
We stock our own mixes, peanuts, robin energy mix, sunflower seeds and hearts, niger seed, fat balls, suet blocks and suet pellets. Naturally we have an extensive range of feeders for all these products.
Our mealworms are available dried.
We have an excellent selection of bird nest boxes, tables and baths.
Stalleys stocks window silhouettes to deter birds flying into your window.
Wild Water Fowl For swans, geese and wild ducks there is our water fowl pellets and mixed corn.
Hedgehogs We have feeds to encourage hedgehogs to stay in your garden during their active season. For winter hibernation we have hedgehog houses.
Owls Owl boxes.
Bats Bat boxes.
Bumble bees, solitary bees Specialist wooden houses to help these endangered species to survive.
Toads Houses for winter hibernation.
Butterflies and lacewings Specialist houses and feeding stations to make life easy for these beautiful insects.


We make local deliveries for which there is a small charge if the order is below £50.00